Liz Richards as a Keynote Speaker at your next event

Passionate about healthy snacks & fueling active bodies the right way, Liz Richards speaks to empower, inspire and teach, women in particular, how to make 'simple' substitutions/changes within the most underrated and overindulged part of their diets - snack foods.

Qualifying as a Pastry Chef over 20 years ago identified Liz's 'sweet obsession' however forcing her to own and understand her own food intolerances and then make necessary dietary changes. This was 15 years ago and has provided Liz with much motivation and drive to create alternative snack foods that not only taste delicious but are nourishing every body - for all the right reasons! 

With food tolerances on the rise and a desire to return to food basics, Liz understands the path that so many other Mums and active families are now travelling and seeking for solutions for. Having experienced the trials and paths first hand, enables Liz to speak confidently from experience and connect more congruently with Mums who are looking to start or to continue making a difference, whilst emulating a sustainable, achievable return to nourishing active bodies simply.

It is with this notable experience that Liz will share her story and knowledge with your audience. Teaching them how to easily navigate their own path more effectively from the very first step to the one of many in a more balanced, nutritionally bettered lifestyle.


Liz has recently spoken at.....

The Townsville Running Festival

Mind Body Spirit Festival - Melbourne

Studio A - Triathletes retreat

Mums on the Go networking - Cairns

Williams Sonoma Homewares - Melbourne

The Source Bulk Foods - Townsville

Womens Health & Wellness Community - Melbourne

Cherries Health - Cairns

Three keynotes that Liz is passionate about and speaks on regularly, however each can be customised to achieve your specific outcome.

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With previous experience Liz will share her journey of food substitutions for a 'betterarian' lifestyle & for dealing with changes for food intolerances.

  • Tried and proven basic substitions for gluten, dairy, egg, nuts
  • Refined free options and solutions i.e. sugar for honey, wheat for spelt
  • Awareness of 'healthy' yet not overindulging
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       'UNPROCESSING'                 your snacks          includes demo

Liz uses real time to break down the steps of forming habits to create more nourishing food - simply and effectively.

  • Identify roadblocks that are used for not preparing snacks
  • Work through the steps to creating/forming a new habit
  • Look at benefits of self food preparation
  • Awareness of 'healthy' food portion sizing 
  • Demonstrate simplicity of 2 recipes including samples
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FUELING OPTIONS FOR ACTIVE BODIES - includes samples and demo

Telling her story of the importance of activeness for both herself and her family Liz also provides samples and demonstrations around pre and post exercise fuel as provided by a dietician. 

  • Providing a nutritional breakdown of healthy snack recipes
  • Demonstrating snack preparation
  • importance of fueling right - pre and post - from experience
  • Eating simply to obtain more from your body

Keynote Speaker Requirements

So Liz can provide your audience with a streamlined and successful event, she request's the following is made available on the day:

  • power supply to 3 x 1mt trestle table
  • table cover dropping to floor and covering at least 3 sides
  • wash up area
  • lapel microphone if over 50 people (25 when presenting to children)
  • data projector with remote controller with USB capabilities

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