Chai Truffles - 4 ingredient chocolate fix!

Love your chai? Love that big hit that raw chocolate delivers? Cutting down on hidden sugars?

So many questions but the answers to those questions can be found in these amazing little truffles!  I love using base good fats like avocado and delicious earthy spices from the chai, each with great overall benefits to our bodies.

You will see the chocolate melts as one of the ingredients - you can use normal dark chocolate here however I use melts because it allows me to control the sweetener that is added. I can add honey or maple syrup or coconut sugar over other sugars that can often be disguised.

MAKES: 3 bars(3cm x 10cm)  or 35 mini truffle balls

TIME: 20mins                                        SETTING TIME: 1 hr


  • 3/4 cup      ripe avocado(Sheppard are the best but other varieties work just as well)'
  • 3/4 cup      @changinghabits chocolate melts
  • 1 tb             steeped chai tea
  • 3 tb             honey - light flavour


  1. Melt the chocolate melts in a bowl over warm water. 
  2. Ensure chocolate is completely melted and smooth
  3. Scoop out the avocado flesh into a food processor or stick blender container(I find the stick blender works better for me but it comes down to your equipment)
  4. Add chai and honey to avocado and process until smooth
  5. Add warm chocolate mix to the avocado mix
  6. Blend until smooth
  7. Place in a container in the fridge for about 1/2 hr to set slightly
  8. Once set, scoop out mini balls and roll to smooth
  9. ALTERNATIVELY - place chocolate mix directly into mini loaf tins - top with roasted coconut.
  10. Roll the balls in rst coconut or rst chopped seeds or just more cacoa powder! 

if you have any questions about this recipe, I'd love to hear from you. It would be great to see your recreations too!

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make.   eat.    enjoy.