The need to plan for the year ahead.....

Have you ever set goals? 

Put requests out to the universe?

Do you have 1,2,5 & 10 year goals?

this is what it looks like for us.........

this is what it looks like for us.........

A realization happened about 10 years ago when yet again my 'manifested intentions' that I had visualized and put out in the universe had not come to fruition! For me I found this very frustrating as I am very 'completion & achievement' focused so I started to listen to what other people in business around me were saying...

I have to say, I was somewhat overwhelmed with some and completely terrified with others.....I'll admit mine has been a slow burn to understand and implement but that's what I want to share with you. As the .com era has opened up a plethora of knowledge, sharing and ideas it has become easier to find a groove that works for me!

Yep it changes as life changes, think businesses(starting, operating), new jobs, children, health oh the list goes on....what I'm really trying to say is this is not just for people in business! Our lives are very busy with information and activity overload - to ensure we don't get lost in the routine we need to stick our head up for re-direction and goals/intentions help you to do that!

The lovely Natalie from RunningFitBox & BeMoore workshops has inspired this post as I have been asked to take part in her New Year Intention workshops. Natalie will be talking with other mums/runners/business owners that she follows or connects with as well as myself to get the details on how individual goal setting is but also how easy and simple it can be too!

here are the tips I want to share with you that have worked the best:

  • Do not use manifestion unless it is linked to activities that are specific to an outcome!
  • Set your goals/intentions
    •       Take each intention individually and link it via activity to quarters in the year
    •       Take those quarterly activities and link them to months
  • Make them achievable otherwise you will be horribly dissappointed in yourself(trust me)
  • Share them with other friends and family - you will need their support

So this is a little example:GOAL/INTENTION

You would like your children's lunchboxes to be healthier 2017

1st Qtr

  • Buy a bento or food compartement lunchbox that requires a thought process around what will fit in it
  • replace chip packets with rice crackers instead
  • replace flavoured milk with plain milk

2nd Qtr

  • Purchase a cookbook on healthy snacks(one that has a shopping list to know what to buy)
  • Start making snacks once a month - freezing a batch
  • replace tiny teddies with some of the snacks you have made once a week(make like for like - crunchy tiny teddies should be replaced with a crunchy healthier version)
  • start using wholemeal bread

3rd Qtr

  • Offer tuckshop/canteen once a month only
  • change from flavoured yogurts to natural with fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey(eliminate honey over time)
  • reduce bread 1 - 2 days a week and try a wholegrain cracker instead
  • bake once a fortnight - choose some to freeze and other fresh - remember like of like in replacing options

4th Qtr

  • Offer tuck chop at the end of term only
  • eliminate milk and pack water instead
  • or offer juice only once a week
  • eliminate all package food & replace with baked snacks & hand made rolls/sushi/wraps/pasta

Yep I know, it does take time but bite-sized is achievable everyday of the week - it's about persistence and redirection & when the goal has been achieved - oh yeah, delayed gratification is soooooo sweet!