What a learning curve :)

The Real Food Revolution Cairns event:)

it truly was a very big buzz! The opportunity to share my food substitution tricks, tips and of course, samples with so many felt fantastic and the interesting thing is that, I almost take for granted the changes I make on an every day basis. To think that these small differences assist in starting a new habit, enhance a health journey already started is sooooo motivating for me!!

The line-up of presenters was really cool too! The topics covered were really diverse from make your own 'wholefood diet', enriching soil for growing your own produce, changing your body with your what your brain does with food, gut health via fermentation, controlling our pantries for happier healthier families, movement and laugh Yoga to touch on a few - so worth the 3 days to step outside of what we do every day for a better outcome. What really struck me was how utterly passionate we all were at helping others make small/big changes! Go people power!!

I learnt along the way that you are not going to agree with all the topics but at least you have a few more tools to consider using (or not using haha)

The tips and sub tricks I shared on the night are available - flick me an email and I'll send them through :)