Quick & easy yogurt pops!

Oh yeah! Summer is approaching and the next thing after smoothies that I love to make for the kids is frozen pops!! I grew up eating popsicles as a kid and it's one past time that I really miss....I'm not sure if its' the memory lane thing but I've got a soft spot for the simple deliciousness!

Makes 6 pops


  • 2 cups     greek yogurt(non sweetened) 
  • 1 cup         fresh mango pureed
  • 1/2 cup     roasted nuts or dried cake crumbs


  1. Puree mango
  2. Gently fold through yogurt
  3. Pour into moulds and layer if you're feeling adventurous!

Or alternatively - once the pops are unmoulded(& prior to eating haha) dip them in chopped nuts or drizzle some melted chocolate.

These never last long enough on the bench for me to flick with choc or dip either!

Enjoy a simple way to cool the kids off this Season at half the cost!