Pre/Post Exercise Snacks

 Pre/Post Exercise Snack Recipes


Fuelling your body, or the bodies of your little ones, pre and post exercise with the right healthy snacks is an important part of meeting your daily nutritional needs.

Do you often wonder what’s the best snack to have before you exercise?

Do you find your hungry after exercise but are uncertain about what would be the best snack to refuel with?

I thought so – I use to worry about this too! So I took 5 of my favourite healthy snacks along to an accredited Sports Dietician to see what she had to say.

You can now download these 5 recipes and view all of the nutritional analysis for yourself so that you never have to wonder about your pre and post exercise choices again.

Simply share your details below and the free eBook with these recipes and the nutritional analysis will be emailed directly to you.