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The Super Snacks cookbook is about wholefood snacking & inspiring you to create simple, nourishing and sugar free snacks to fuel your body every day.

It’s filled with 66 recipes that are completely sugar free, made from easy to find whole foods that you will be excited to use again & again!

These healthy and delicious super snacks are simple to make, and can be easily varied to accommodate an array of dietary requirements; including Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Nut Free.  This cookbook is a must have for busy, heath conscious families.

Helpful extras on every page, plus a handy pantry list of your staple ingredients.

About Author

I’m Liz, A Busy, Allergy Conscious Mum Who Loves To Snack!

It’s a tough gig making nutritious food, working, training and running a household as you know, and that was the real inspiration behind Simple Nourishment and publishing a cookbook!  It all really started when I had my children and was hanging out at a local Play Group, something as simple as ‘healthy handmade snacks; something that I did all the time and had taken for granted, was noticed…  created conversation and sharing, more awareness among other mums and together with Katherine Trapp, we just knew that this has be shared ~ outside our playgroup, outside our community and with every likeminded health conscious Mumma that we could reach!

We welcomed ‘super snacks’ the cookbook into our families in 2015.

I am a qualified pastry chef and really enjoy the ‘sweeter’ side of food, to say the least! With our busy lives & the complexity of food information out there I believe that simple snacking is the best snacking! If baking & making is not your super strength, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. These recipes are definitely delicious, they’re sugar free & they’re really quick to whip up!  Simple Nourishment is all about taking the pressure off you ~ with no trends to follow & no diets to restrict ~ allowing you to focus on good basics to keep everyone topped up with good energy.

make.      eat.     enjoy.


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By: Liz Richards & Katherine Trapp


Simple wholesome snacks for every body