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Simple wholesome snacks for every body

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The Super Snacks cookbook is just really about wholefood snacking & inspiring you to begin, continue or add the very best snack foods to your day.

It’s filled with over 55 recipes that are completely sugar free, made from easy to find whole foods that you will be excited to use again & again!

So it’s not just healthy but everything tastes pretty delicious too. You won’t spend heaps of time in the kitchen, well not unless you want to & it’s not about dieting or ‘trending’, it’s just about nourishing yourself and your family with awesome snacks to make, eat & enjoy.

Helpful extras on every page plus a handy pantry list of your staple ingredients.

About Author

We’re Kath and Liz and together we are Simple Nourishment. We’re two busy and active mums who share a love of cooking, chaotic family gatherings and early morning runs. Our passion is simple, fast, nutritious snack food that doesn’t compromise on taste and that can keep us and our families going between meals. Our recipes are allergy conscious, not allergy focused.

Our making and baking generally involves tweaking old favourite recipes(increasing their nutritional value) and developing new recipes of our own.

We truly believe whatever we put into our bodies reflects our focus and energy each day. Liz is a qualified pastry chef and enjoys the ‘sweeter’ side of food however it allergic to dairy and undertook a complete dietary overhaul to deal with the issues this presented including changing her repertoire of recipes to suit.

Kath has a snack passion like no other and it really conscious of what is going into both her mouth and those of her children. This focus lead to sharing and collaborating together with Liz and Super Snacks was born!


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By: Liz Richards & Katherine Trapp


Simple wholesome snacks for every body