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Triathlete's Nutrition Workshop with Studio A ~ Cairns

Looking for ways to refuel better?

Trying to work out what food to eat and when to eat it pre, during and post?

Join Ange from Studio A & Simple Nourishment to find answers to these questions plus all the others that you have regarding snacking, refueling and simple nutrition. 

Saturday 29th April  ~  12.30-3.30pm  

@CCW Kitchen  ~  2-10 Industrial Ave, Stratford

This exclusive workshops includes:

  • Ingredient identification and benefits
  • Recipe creation and interaction
  • Recipe Analysis
  • Timing and refuel points/discussion
  • Take home packs with thanks to the awesome team

Get your training and snacks on track with simple to make snacks that have you performing and recovering the right way!

Not to be missed - Book your tickets with Ange on 40322090 or via the facebook link Studio A Health and Fitness

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