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Bloom - Wellness Event - Cairns

Join us on October 8th as we demonstrate our 'simple' and 'nourishing' focus on snack foods. We will be whipping up a few goodies on Saturday and sharing them with you. We'll share with your what we know for sure about alternatives and making the transition into simple and more nutritional snack food choices.

What is Bloom.....

Bloom is a full day event bringing together the very best natural health and wellbeing experts to guide you and your family to healthier, happier living. Featuring up to 45 exhibitors in the key areas of food, skincare, wellbeing, environment and exercise, plus a range of informative talks, classes, workshops and forums. This one-day event will provide you with the tools you need so you can make informed choices on what you eat, how you live and the products you use.

Showcasing information in the key preventative areas of food, skincare, environment, wellbeing and exercise. Exhibitors are hand picked to ensure their values align with those of Bloom. This ensures integrity of the event, which is demonstrated by the high quality and standard of information presented by the exhibitors and guest speakers.