Salty Caramel Popcorn Slice!

Salty Caramel Popcorn Slice!

The long weekend called for it! After a 11.5km run (which felt like a half marathon!!) we settled in for a much needed ‘chill the f#^% out’ day! But before you know it…..

Mum can we have some popcorn while we watch the movie? Mum, what about some chocolate? Mum…..can we have some ice cream for the movie session?

So much over the top sweetness is not something I do in our house on a regular basis so to combine everyone’s request, including my own of needing some salt – this is what came out x

Hope you love it as much as we did 🙂

Salty Caramel Popcorn Slice

October 5, 2018
: 15
: easy


  • Popcorn:
  • 60gm popping corn - pop it and salt it
  • allow to cool
  • Caramel:
  • 1/2 honey or rice malt syrup
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil (or less if you're not keen on flavour)
  • Chocolate Drizzle:
  • 150gms 85% dark choc
  • 1tsp coconut oil
  • Other:
  • 1/2 cup roasted hazelnuts chopped (you can use any nut but hazelnuts are bitter and help cut through the sweet caramel)
  • Step 1 Place GP paper in loaf tin
  • Step 2 Pop popcorn in pot as you usually would
  • Step 3 Set aside to cool slightly
  • Step 4 Place honey into saucepan & bring to boil
  • Step 5 Continue to boil until starts to darken in color(caramel)
  • Step 6 (careful you don’t want it too dark as this will affect the flavour)
  • Step 7 Swish around(no spoons) during the process so it colours evenly
  • Step 8 While honey is caramlising place chopped chocolate pieces into a bowl
  • Step 9 Melt chocolate over warm water(make sure you don’t get the chocolate too hot – it will turn to stone)
  • Step 10 Once honey is ready
  • Step 11 Add popped corn, roasted nuts & coconut oil into the saucepan
  • Step 12 Mix gently until all ingredients are well coated with delicious caramel
  • Step 13 Press into loaf tin
  • Step 14 Drizzle with melted chocolate
  • Step 15 Give the loaf tin a few taps on the bench – get the chocolate into all the crevices!
  • Step 16 Put it into the fridge (& resist eating too much of the leftovers)
  • Step 17 Allow the chocolate to set
  • Step 18 Slice away xxx

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