Earth’s Bounty & My Organics Ambassador

Earth’s Bounty & My Organics Ambassador

As I sit down and think about writing this post, I try to think as a consumer of both the wholesome food products and cookbooks…….at first glance it might look like a company is paying me to promote their products but, nope I don’t get paid to do this &  I want to try to dispell that thought and go deeper – first glances generally get me in to challenging situations  🙂 haha

Going back to my days as a pastry chef, in the bigger 5* hotels we always used a company called Trump Nuts for all our bulk nuts, seeds, dried fruits etc. (I know, challenging name to have over the past few months says Trump nuts themselves!) It was a brand that was always trusted for price and quality way back then. And now this stalwart has a retail arm- trading as MY ORGANICS & EARTHS BOUNTY – for me, knowing that they have been around for so long is really valuable. They’re stocked as all the best places – Health food stores plus Super Markets which means that they are easy to source.

I am also on a health journey just like you & I tried activating my own nuts the other week(soaking them in water for a few hours to aid digestion – my simplified version) – hmmmm some were winners (cashews for slices) but I have to say after trying the activated nuts these guys put out, I think I’m converted!!

The other really cool thing about MY ORGANICS & EARTHS BOUNTY is they are super generous and so the other added bonus for you lovely nourishers is that I get to GIVEAWAY lots of Earths Bounty & My Organic gifts – you get to try them too! That way you can make up your own minds 🙂

I love speaking about snack foods and it’s quite easy because I’m so passionate about it & I got to do a bit in Melbourne recently however I wanted to check everyone was listening so I asked a quirky Q from  the session – these lovely nourishers got to go home with a pack from MY ORGANICS * EARTHS BOUNTY!

I am really humbled to be chosen as one of Earths Bounty and My Organics Ambassadors – Its  a big deal I am really excited about bringing you the benefits x

If you have any questions about the nuts or products head over to the webpages – all the indepth details are there – answered better than I could – and find out the benefits of this awesome Australian company !

Enjoy (& remember: listening to the presenter has it’s benefits haha)

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