A Closer Look at Simple Nourishment

A Closer Look at Simple Nourishment


My name is Felicite and I am a final year Business student at James Cook University, Cairns. As part of my degree, I had the opportunity to work at Simple Nourishment as an Intern and got to explore some interesting backstage facts that I’d like to share.

First off, working at Simple Nourishment was fun and informal, which was a surprise to my expectations of having a strictly formal workplace. I found it easy to have a voice and make suggestions because I was encouraged to do so.

Second, I got to see the difference between my eating style and that of Simple Nourishment. I am from an African background, so I like my food cooked and spiced up or as I call it “zigzagged” (if you know what I mean).  At Simple Nourishment, foods are simple and organic and not as zigzagged as my foods. This was definitely an interesting thing to see.

Another fact was that baking is an important part of Simple Nourishment (as you may know by now), and it was amazing to see and taste snacks that were made with unprocessed ingredients and have them taste good! You know I always had that concept of “healthy food don’t taste good” and that was completely changed.

Overall, I enjoyed a friendly, nonjudgmental work environment provided at Simple Nourishment. Most importantly, I ate amazing snacks! My family doesn’t know much about baking, so this was an exciting and yummy road for me.

Seeing the behind the scenes of Simple Nourishment was definitely worth it!

Hope you enjoyed my little input on my experience at Simple Nourishment.

Take care


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