In The Summertime…..Chocolate Raspberry popsicles!

In The Summertime…..Chocolate Raspberry popsicles!

Living in Cairns, North Queensland is……. hmmmm well, right now sweltering!! so this is what I spend my time doing – making Popsicles!

Every time I do it though it reminds me I need to update my pop moulds to hold more than 6!

There’s only 3 ingredients – so easy to throw together – if you’re going back to basics the flavours are speaking for themselves and you don’t need numerous ingredients to make it taste delicious!

here’s a quickie for you – I have used carob as it so much sweeter naturally however if you prefer cacao it can be replaced one for one here although you may need to add some honey too!

Chocolate Raspberry popsicles!

January 18, 2017
: Makes 6


  • 500g natural Yogurt
  • 2tbs carob powder or cacao powder(if using cacao you may need to add honey)
  • 1/2 cup fresh raspberries(or frozen)
  • Step 1 Mix & Freeze.

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