I Could Never Run 5ks

I Could Never Run 5ks

Post Cairns Ironman 70.3 a few years later…..

don’t always listen to the voices in your head! I started running at the age of about 30 I think – I had only ever walked up until then and here we are!!! First ever half marathon(as part of a team in the Cairns Ironman 2016)

Running is like a meditative state – as you get your breathing and rhythm sorted out it takes you out of your every day stuff into a really present state! No i’m not going ‘new age’ however  this is the best way to describe what happens to me and I’m going to guarantee – lots of other runners too!

Throw in a buddy that runs with you and BOOM! it’s fun, it’s happening, it’s still meditate and it’s a bonus if your buddy is fitter….’cause they can do the talking and distract you from your pain factor!!!

absolutely smashed my split times for this event which damn! means I need to be on track for the next run in Townsville in 4 weeks! eeekkk

See you on the pavement sometime soon 🙂

Liz x

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