Hi ya, it's so great that you've come for a visit, I love having friends (old and new!) drop by...

I'm Liz and most likely just like you, I'm a busy mum (of two), who loves running, being active, making healthy food for my family, in particular I'm obsessed with really healthy snack foods that fuel my whole family and my friends whenever we catch up.

You're going to enjoy making these really simple snacks that are so healthy yet taste  Smack! Bang! Delicious too!

The ingredients that I use are easy to source from your local health food store or supermarket and are used repeatedly, so think nuts, seeds, coconut products, fruit, vegetables and superfoods – nothing that will sit at the back of your cupboard and expire.

I'm allergy conscious in that I'm allergic to dairy and have also reduced my gluten intake by choice so what you can be excited about is you'll find the recipes I produce are free of refined sugars, free from refined flours and there's a great mix of GF, DF, Nut free and Egg free options.

With active bodies in the house from early morning to late at night, like you I'm always looking for more time in my day so I ensure the recipes I create for you are really simple to follow and you definitely won't need any new kitchen gadgets!  A humble food processor will do the job (although sometimes all you need is a bowl and two loving hands!).

I truly believe that what we put into our bodies reflects our focus and energy each day. 

Have fun getting back into the kitchen and recreating this deliciousness.

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